Привет всем!!!! :)
I'm from Russia. I really like tv-shows so I'm here.
Supernatural, Charmed, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, House, Sherlock, How I met your mother, Revolution and others.
Stelerine = Stefan + Elena + Katherine ;)
My favourite characters:
Piper Halliwell
Robb Stark
Stefan Salvatore
Lydia Martin
Tyler Lockwood
Dean Winchester
Jon Snow
Sam Winchester
Bonnie Bennett
Caroline Forbs
Chloe Sullivan
Blair Waldorf
Monica Geller
Sherlock Holms (Sherlock)

Robb/Margaery (GoT)
Stefan/Happiness (TVD)
Klaus/Hayley (TheOriginals)
Monica/Chandler (Friends)
Piper/Leo (Charmed)
Bonnie/Kol (TVD)
Oliver/Felicity (Arrow)
Seth/Summer (The O.C.)
Chris/Bianca (Charmed)

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The Salvatore boarding house

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How to please your little wolf

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all I needed was the love you gave
all I needed for another day
and all I ever knew - only you

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Anyone else think Elena’s still sired….??


Это единственное логическое объяснение

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The four Romanov sisters, Maria, Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana, 1910.


The four Romanov sisters, Maria, Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana, 1910.

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rare among their k i n d.

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Westeros + Religion 

The gods are blind. And men see only what they wish.

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The Stark kids ± talking about Robb

               (requested by bilbosfrodos.)

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